3 Reasons You Need Hospitality at the Kentucky Derby

Posted by Jaclyn Harris on Thu, Sep 18, 2014 @ 09:00 AM

Look at you! You’ve finally decided to do it. You’ve decided it’s time you check attending the Kentucky Derby off your bucket list. You and your friends have talked about attending the first leg of the Triple Crown Series for years, but nobody has taken the initiative to make the plans.

10308214 758586377507934 8314979402820212866 nBut here you are, doing the research and making the plans. My guess is you probably started by going to your search engine of choice and typing in “Kentucky Derby tickets” or “cheap Derby tickets” (let’s face it, we’re all looking for more bang for our buck these days). Then, amazement probably crossed your face when you realized how many different places there are that you can purchase Kentucky Derby tickets from. It’s okay to admit you were overwhelmed – there are a ton!

As you scroll through the links, possibly clicking a few here and there to gauge whether they’re reliable sources, you keep seeing the word “hospitality.” It’s everywhere!

You find yourself getting curious as to what this “hospitality” is and why it's paired with Kentucky Derby tickets everywhere you look.

Well, folks, before you get frustrated, give-up, and set your dreams of attending the Kentucky Derby aside AGAIN (you know you’ll kick yourself in the butt for that poor decision later), let us tell you the three things you need to know about hospitality at the Kentucky Derby and explain to you why it will take your 2015 Derby experience to the next level!

1. Can You Say “All-Inclusive?”

There are few things better than those sweet words right there: all-inclusive! Don’t even try to deny it!

But seriously, when you receive access to hospitality at the Kentucky Derby, you are invited to a VIP area within Churchill Downs where you’ll have access to a plethora of amenities. For example, within your exclusive hospitality venue, you’ll be able to enjoy complimentary gourmet food buffets, an array of dessert options, open beer, wine and soft drink selections, and a cash bar for premium beverages.

sunnys halo lounge

There’s plenty of luxurious seating areas within hospitality so you can kick-back off your feet and relax a bit also (those race days are long!).

Depending on the hospitality area that coincides with your ticket, you could even have private restrooms and self-services wagering facilities.

The alternative is going into the Clubhouse food court (or to a random vendor near the Paddock if you don’t have Clubhouse access). The lines are just so long since its public access you’d end up spending more time waiting in line for your Mint Juleps than you would watching the races. Also, if you can't find a seat nearby, you'll have to stand up and eat. That’s not smart or efficient if you ask us.

2. Meet Celebrities

Think about it. VIPs hangout with the VIPs! If you have access to an exclusive hospitality area throughout the Kentucky Derby weekend, your chance at meeting the stars just went up two-fold!

A-list Hollywood stars, professional athletes and celebrity jockeys will all come to hangout in hospitality and meet YOU!

Last year, model and actress from Django: Unchained, Nichole Galicia, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Magician Matthew Furman, and jockeys Chris McCarron and Pat Day made rounds throughout hospitality areas to meet guests. Imagine getting autographs, pictures and carrying out a regular conversation with these stars!


There are even live performances taking place throughout the day. Last year, Elise Testone of American Idol® performed for fans.

Sure, you could possibly run into a celebrity walking around Churchill Downs, but the odds of that are slim. With hospitality access, Hollywood is coming to YOU!

3. It’s an Escape from the Elements

Churchill Downs on Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby days is insane! Crowds are at maximum capacity, every seat is filled and the lawn is packed out! Everywhere you turn there are people – it is one of the biggest horse races on the calendar year, after all.

But, with crowds come stress. It’s tiring to maneuver you’re way through throngs of people all day long with your only place to relax being the stands. With hospitality, you can get away from those crowds and chill out.


Not to mention, some hospitality areas are enclosed and climate-controlled.

Why does this matter? Well, if it dumps rain on Kentucky Derby day like it did in 2013, hospitality gives you a place to get out of the rain that is not clustered with everyone else who is trying to seek cover. And if it’s hot out like it was at the 2014 event, it gives you a place to cool down and rehydrate. That’s a win-win in our book!

Get VIP Hospitality Access at the 2015 Kentucky Derby!

smarty jonesListen closely, folks, because there is only one way to receive hospitality with your ticket and have it all be 100 percent valid! And that way is Derby Experiences! Kiss the secondary market goodbye because you’re booking through the Official Source!

Derby Experiences’ Official Ticket Packages come direct from Churchill Downs and because of that relationship, the quality of your hospitality area and the inclusions you receive are light-years above those of any competitor.

Not to mention, luxurious hotel accommodations in Louisville, and transportation to and from the track on race days can be included in your package. BAM! There! No need for you do to any more research! You can just tack everything into one bundle at one price with easy payment terms.

So what’s the next step? Call 1-888-384-7088 to speak to a knowledgeable representative or visit Derby Experiences website for more information.

Take your Kentucky Derby experience to the next level today with VIP hospitality access!


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