5 Biggest Blunders of Not Booking Your Kentucky Derby Tickets Early

Posted by Jaclyn Harris on Fri, Jul 19, 2013 @ 12:31 PM

    It’s no secret that attending “The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports” is on many peoples bucket lists. The Kentucky Derby is known for bringing in people and celebrities alike from all over to gather, eat great food, wear outrageous hats and gamble on their favorite horse as it storms down the track, running for the roses.

     Churchill Downs is a huge facility and many think that because of that, attending the Kentucky Derby is fairly simple: all you need is a ticket. While that is not completely inaccurate, this is a bucket list event, and I think it’s fair to say that you are not just going to attend the Derby to watch the race. You want the experience! An experience that you will miss out on my booking your Derby tickets late.

     Let me fill you in on the five biggest blunders of waiting to get your Kentucky Derby tickets:

1. No packages = no hospitality

     The first mistake you can make is by not purchasing a Kentucky Derby ticket package instead of just a ticket. With a ticket package, all of your expenses are essentially bundled together. It makes the experience easier and better because you do not need to worry about additional costs and packages come with some amazing extras that I will begin to mention in blunder #2. For example, Derby Experiences’ ticket packages include hospitality venue where you can escape the outdoors, with gourmet food and an open or cash bar for the race. Hospitality also comes with experienced experts who are familiar with Churchill Downs, so they can make sure that you are not missing out on any exciting pre-race or post-race events. Many of these events are already included in the price of your package.

2. No VIP access = not great seats and no celebrities

     It’s not a hidden fact that many celebrities attend the Kentucky Derby, and they’re obviously going to be sitting in great seats. Seats that you are not going to be able to get by waiting to get your tickets. 

     Majority of Hollywood stars in attendance sit in the Turf Club section, which Derby Experiences offers ticket packages to. With these tickets packages, you could be in the same suite as celebs watching the “Run for the Roses!” Imagine that, walking to your seat, passing professional athletes, recording artists, movie and TV stars as you go to watch the Kentucky Derby! 

     Plus, the earlier you book, the greater chance you have of attending the popular VIP events that the Derby offers such as Taste of Derby and Winner’s Party. Taste of Derby is held on the Thursday of Derby Week and allows guests to taste delicious dishes created by Masterful Chefs. The Winner’s Party is held directly after the Derby, and guests get to enjoy hors d’oeuvres, dancing and cocktails with the newest Kentucky Derby champion jockey, owner, trainer and many popular celebrities. 

     Admit it, you want to be there! 

3. No bang for your buck in accommodations = pricey hotels

     I’ll let you in on a secret: hotels in and around Louisville are booked far in advance to the Derby due the high crowds. The fix? Remember that bundle thing I talked about before? Kentucky Derby ticket packages offer accommodations so that you can book your tickets early and have everything taken care of! That way you are paying the normal cost for a luxury Louisville hotel and not the heightened event fee.

4. No transportation = parking stress

     Since the Kentucky Derby draws in such a crowd, parking at Churchill Downs can be a nightmare. Ticket packages with Derby Experiences offer transportation to and from the track each day so that you can get dropped off and picked up with no hassle of crazy parking lots. It cuts off so much time getting into and out of the track and allows you to really enjoy your experience with no worries.

5. No flexibility in your payments = high cost at once

     Another awesome thing about booking your tickets early is that you can get flexible payment terms. Derby Experiences offers clients the choice to split-up their payments into thirds. It makes it easier when you can pay in convenient terms, making your experience more affordable. Just do not forget that since the option is to break up payments in thirds, this payment option will not exist for an extended period of time, so you do not want to wait!

     As you can see, there are numerous things that you could miss out on if you wait to book your Kentucky Derby tickets. Book your Official Kentucky Derby Ticket Package today and get ready to check this experience off your bucket list! 


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