7 Different Ways to Enjoy the 2014 Kentucky Derby

Posted by Matt Cullen on Thu, Aug 15, 2013 @ 12:30 PM

So you’re planning your first or a return trip to the Kentucky Derby.

What a great idea!

Now you need to figure out where you’re sitting. That sounds much easier than it actually is!

If you’ve never been to Churchill Downs or it’s been a while since you’ve attended a race, it’s best to figure out what you would like to experience at the track and select your seating location accordingly.

Do you want to be able to see the entire race or are you there to enjoy the party? Do you want to be under cover or out in the sun? Open bar or cash bar? These are all very important questions to ask yourself before you attend.

But once you have those questions answered, there is a seating location that works best for you!

To help you in your search for the perfect seat, we’ve compiled a list of six different seating location options for you to enjoy the 2014 Kentucky Derby. We will tell you what’s included, what you can expect, and a starting price to help determine which area is best for you.

We’ve also included some video of these seating areas so you can get the best idea of what it’s like in each of these seating areas!

7 Different Ways to Enjoy the 2014 Kentucky Derby

Millionaires Row

If you’re looking for the ultimate Kentucky Derby Experience, Millionaires Row is where you need to sit!

Located on the fourth and sixth floor of Churchill Down’s clubhouse, Millionaires Row is an ultra high-end hospitality area that offers an outdoor viewing platform for race viewing. The viewing platform offers guests an amazing view of the track with site lines as far as the eye can see.

Guests will enjoy premium food, access to private self-service wagering facilities, and the company of the “Who’s Who” at Churchill Downs. You also have tables to sit down and enjoy your food while watching simulcast TV coverage of the racing.

Turf Club

If you’re interested in sitting in the same place as many of the celebrities who attend the Derby, then the Turf Club is where you need to be!

Similar to Millionaires Row, the Turf Club is a hospitality party venue that does not offer outside seating. However, it offers guests the opportunity to get first class service during their Kentucky Derby Experience. The Turf Club offers guests a gourmet plated meal, premium open bar, access to self-service wagering facilities and much more.

Trophy Room

Located on the 5th floor of the Churchill Downs clubhouse, the Trophy Room boasts some of the best views of Churchill Downs. Guests have access to a viewing platform that can view the Paddock Area on one side and the track on the other!

Guests can also enjoy gourmet food, open bar, and self service wagering facilities inside the hospitality venue. Similar to Millionaires Row and Turf Club, guests do not have an actual seat outside to view the races, but can take full advantage of the viewing platform during the races.

Clubhouse Seating

Clubhouse seating options are for the horse racing fans that enjoy watching each of the races, while enjoying some added hospitality benefits.

With great views of the start/finish line, the Clubhouse is the one of the best places to see racing action. Unlike your typical sporting events, the higher up you are, the better your seat. With three floors, the third floor gives you the best view of the track, whereas the first floor gets you right into the action as the horses go by.

You can also customize your clubhouse package to fit your needs. You can choose between better seats, better hospitality options, or combine both into the ultimate clubhouse package. The choice is yours when you choose to sit in the clubhouse.

Grandstand Seating

With three different levels of seating, Churchill Downs’ grandstand offers guests up-close views of the racing action with the most affordable prices. Starting at the 100-level, our Green Grandstand Packages get you right into the action as you sit against the rail for the races.

Our Red and Orange Grandstand Packages are in the 200 and 300 level respectively, which gives guests a better view of the track, while keeping their packages more affordable. With many hospitality and seating options, you can customize your grandstand package to fit any budget for the Kentucky Derby.

Party Packages

Are you here for the party? Then the Party Packages are for you. Packages such as the Winner’s Party and Taste of Derby Packages give you access to some of the exclusive Derby parties throughout Derby week.

You will also get a ticket to both the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby. The tickets are in the 100 level, so they aren’t the best tickets inside Churchill Downs. However, you will get to party with your fellow Derby goers and tailgate the entire day while watching the races!

The New Blue Grandstand

Churchill Downs recently announced the addition of nearly 2,400 new seats on the second and third floors of the grandstand. This new area is featured in our Blue Grandstand Package and will feature the newest Hospitality Party Venue, Sunny’s Halo Lounge.

Sunny’s Halo Lounge is a rooftop party deck that gives patrons an elevated view of the starting line and final stretch. With the new Blue Grandstand Packages, guests will have access to this amazing new venue including grandstand seating, complimentary beer, wine and soft drinks, and many of the great amenities that come with our packages. If you’re looking to sit in the newest, most up-to-date location at Churchill Downs, then the Blue Grandstand Package is for you!

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