Taste of Derby Party vs Package – What’s the Difference?

Posted by Jaclyn Harris on Thu, Sep 11, 2014 @ 09:26 AM

You’ve started planning your trip to the
2015 Kentucky Derby! Congratulations, you’re ahead of the game! As you’ve started looking around at all the different events taking place in and around Churchill Downs for Derby weekend, you’ve decided you want the whole nine yards – you want a true Kentucky Derby experience!

So what’s that entail? Well, you’re probably looking for some prime time hotels, official party invites, VIP access, and maybe you even want to meet some celebrities. I’d say that’s a pretty full experience.

Then you start looking. You head to the search engine of choice and start typing in “Kentucky Derby parties” or “Kentucky Derby tickets” and more than likely, you’ve stumbled upon this fantastic site called Derby Experiences (okay, we might be a little biased).

On the site you see headers for parties, party packages and then ticket packages. Since you’re trying to get party access, you click amongst those headers and find the Taste of Derby™ Party. It’s held on Thursday evening, the day before the Kentucky Oaks, and top chefs come in from around the country to prepare delectable dishes for guests to taste. A-list celebrities are in attendance, there’s live music and entertainment, dancing, and so much more, so naturally, you decide this is the party you need to be at.

This is when you discover something – there’s a Taste of Derby™ ticket option or this option called Orange Grandstand Taste of Derby™ Party Package. What in the world is the difference? How on earth are you going to know which option would work best for you and your group?

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if there was a guide created to distinguish the differences?

Well, take a look at that… here it is!

Take a look at what makes the Orange Grandstand Party Package and the Taste of Derby Party stand apart.

The Party Package

Simply put, an Orange Grandstand Taste of Derby Party Package combines your invitations to the Taste of Derby Party with an Official Kentucky Derby Ticket Package. Oh yes, prepare to be mind blown.

grandstand seating

This means that while you get tickets to the party you want to attend, you also receive tickets to both the Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky Derby. In addition, you’ll receive exclusive in-track hospitality access where you’ll find complimentary gourmet food buffets, open wine, beer and soft drink selections, a premium cash bar for cocktails (you have to get your Mint Julep fix), and live entertainment.

10341664 758660227500549 8260928575509407975 nThere is also simulcast TV coverage so even though you’ve stepped away from your seat, you’ll be a part of what’s going on down on the track. Live wagering stations are also located inside hospitality so you won’t have to wait in the long lines to place you bets.

Celebrity jockeys and Hollywood stars will also be making appearances in the hospitality area throughout the weekend, and you’ll be able to meet them, score autographs and take pictures. It doesn’t get any more VIP than that!

And think your seats might be up in the nose bleeds? Not a chance! Since your Party Package comes direct from Churchill Downs, you’ll be sitting in the third floor of the grandstand. This means you’ll have an elevated view of the track with great vantage points. You’ll be able to see the horses load in and break from the starting gate, round the first bend, come around the last turn, and race down the final straight.

Even though they’ll be out of sight on the back stretch, the world’s largest HD video board will do the trick to keep you in the loop!

Another great feature? You can opt to include transportation to and from the Taste of Derby Party and to and from Churchill Downs on race days in your package, along with luxurious accommodations in Louisville. This means everything you could possibly need during the Kentucky Derby weekend is included at one price with easy payment terms and you won’t have to do any additional planning or make any reservations!

Learn more about Orange Grandstand Taste of Derby Party Packages>>

Clearly, it’s a pretty sweet deal!

10172572 758329787533593 3260209009206318308 nTaste of Derby Tickets

Alright, so what if you just get
Taste of Derby tickets – what’s included? Well, it’s literally just your party ticket. No race day tickets, no hospitality access, no transportation.

This is the perfect fit for those that already have their 2015 Kentucky Derby tickets or for those that want to purchase a different Kentucky Derby Official Ticket Package. Maybe you decided that you want to go to the party and you want a package, but you don’t want the Orange Grandstand because you want to sit in a different location. That’s when this option is the best idea.

Take Your Pick!

Whether you want to secure your Orange Grandstand Taste of Derby Party Package or you want to just get Taste of Derby tickets, there’s no time like the present to make your move!

Visit Derby Experiences website or call 1-888-384-7088 to speak to a representative. It’s time to become a VIP! Start your 2015 Kentucky Derby experience today!

Get the Orange Grandstand  Taste of Derby Party Package
Get Taste of Derby Tickets

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