Surprise Your Valentine with the Perfect Gift: Kentucky Derby Tickets

Posted by Jaclyn Harris on Fri, Feb 6, 2015 @ 09:31 AM

Shopping for Valentine's Day presents is a known struggle. We all know the process. The month of February hits and the procrastinating begins. Just like it has every year, the 14th is coming and you find yourself at a complete loss as to what to get that special someone in your life. After all, you want to make sure they know just how much you love them. You want to ensure they know how important they are to you and what an impact they've made on your life. 

Then, the age-old thought process begins. Do you get him chocolates? Or maybe that nice watch he's had his eye on? Do you get her roses? No, no, no, that's too cliche. Maybe you'll get her diamonds! That'll show her how much you care!

Ladies and gents, hold the phone! I'm about to put your mind at ease. How, you ask? Because I'm about to supply you with the absolute best Valentine's Day present you could ever give or receive! Are you ready?

Official Ticket Packages to the 141st running of the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby!

I know, I know. You're confused. Tickets to the Derby? How is that the most epic of all Valentine's Day gifts? Well, my dears, before you write me off and click away the page, let me share with you five reasons why tickets to the 2015 Kentucky Derby are the best present of all!

1. Spread the Love

Who says Valentine's Day has to be celebrated only on Feb. 14? You love each other all year round, right? So why not spread out the celebration of your love? Spread the love to, I don't know, let's say May 1?

Think about how you typically celebrate Valentine's Day. You might wake up in the morning and cook breakfast together and then you go your separate ways as you're off to work. Then, you meet up to enjoy a romantic, candle-lit dinner in the evening. You exchange presents and sentiments, and then suddenly, it's all over. Valentine's Day is complete.

But picture this instead: everything goes as mentioned above, but when it's time to exchange gifts, you give your Valentine an Official Ticket Package to the Kentucky Derby! His or her face lights up! You both know have something to look forward to together. A romantic weekend getaway where you can continue to celebrate your love for each other!

2. The Royal Treatment

A common theme of Valentine's is wanting your significant other to be treated like royalty. You want them to relax and be pampered. Well, with an Official Ticket Package, you two lovebirds will be treated like kings and queens together.

Official Ticket Packages include access to an exclusive in-track hospitality venue throughout the Kentucky Derby weekend. Within hospitality, you'll be invited to enjoy complimentary beer, wine and soft drinks, a cash bar for premium beverages, complimentary gourmet fare, private wagering stations, meet-and-greets with celebrity jockeys, and the potential to meet A-list Hollywood stars!

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Packages also include VIP Fast Access Passes for a quicker, more secure entrance to the track, and tickets to some of the most coveted seats in the stands offering unparalleled views of the racing.

Oh yes, VIP treatment at its finest and you'll be able to share the experience together! Do you see memories in the making? Because I sure do.

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Derby Experiences QuintEvents resized 6003. Friendly Competition

One of the greatest things about being in a relationship is the team-factor... or the friendly competition.

Wagering is a big deal at horse races, especially the big league horse races like the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks. While attending, you and your honey can flip through the racing history catalog to see which horses have the best chances of winning. Then, you can place wagers of the amount of your choice on these horses. 

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Whether you both decide to place wagers on the same horse and cheer him on together or whether you opt to root on different horses in friendly competition, you're going to have a blast! Whoever's horse wins gets a kiss!

4. Start the Flame in Louisville

If you've never been to Louisville before, you're in for a real treat. The city screams romance with it's delectable restaurants, booming nightlife and scenic, old-fashioned streets. There is always something going on, especially during Derby week.

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From tours run at all hours of the day allowing you to see what "Loo-a-vul" is known for, to official Kentucky Derby parties thrown each night, you and your Valentine will never be at a loss for activities.

Here are a few events I suggest checking out:

5. All-Inclusive = Affordable Gift-Giving

Now, I know what you're thinking... how much is this Valentine's getaway going to cost me? Well, Derby Experiences offers a variety of Official Ticket Package options across multiple different price points, so we can guarantee there is a Kentucky Derby experience waiting for you that will not break the bank. Plus, Derby Experiences offers easy payment terms allowing you to break your payment up instead of paying all at once.

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Not to mention, Packages include luxurious accommodations in Louisville and transportation to and from the track each day, so there are no additional fees, with the exception of getting you and your sweetheart to Kentucky.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to make memories that will last a lifetime? Are you ready to keep the romance going past Feb. 14, this year? Then it's time to get in touch with Derby Experiences!

Call 1-888-384-7088 to speak to a representative or visit Derby Experiences' website for more information on Official Ticket Packages.

Give your Valentine the gift that keeps on giving this year!

Give the Gift of the Kentucky Derby!
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