4 Different Ways to Attend the 2019 Kentucky Derby

Posted by Matt Cullen on Fri, May 1, 2015 @ 13:26 PM

Get Clubhouse Package InfoKentucky Derby Ticket PackagesOfficial Ticket Packages to the 2019 Kentucky Derby are now on sale! So, now you need to ask yourself, “Self, how can I attend this amazing event?”

Well, if you’re reading this, you probably have a sense that Derby Experiences can get you there. But what you might not realize is there are several different ways to attend and experience the Kentucky Derby.

Whether you’re looking to check this event off your bucket list, attend with a group of friends, clients or family members, or you’ve been to the Kentucky Derby before, it’s helpful to know your options before booking your trip.

Therefore, I’ve combined four different ways you can attend the 2019 Kentucky Derby to ensure you experience the Derby your way!

Go In Style with Premium Packages

Millionaires Row Track Vantage PointIf you’re looking to blowout your Kentucky Derby experience, then Premium Packages are the best way to attend.

With seating locations in the esteemed
Millionaires Row, Turf Club, Trophy Room, and
The Derby Room, clients can enjoy some of the best vantage points of the racing action while enjoying some of the best food and beverage options at Churchill Downs.

Each area offers an escape from the elements with a climate controlled venue, gourmet food, and private wagering stations. Some venues even offer a private patio overlooking both the track and Paddock, with some of the best views available at Churchill Downs.

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Great Racing Views with Clubhouse Packages

 View of the Finish LineClubhouse Packages offer guests the opportunity to be close to the racing action with some of the best views available in the lower levels. Clubhouse seating at Churchill Downs ensures that you’ll be able to see all of the racing action throughout the day and have a sight line of the start and finish of the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby.

 Unlike most sporting events, seats at the Kentucky Derby that are higher and further away from the action are considered the better seats, whereas seats lower and closer to the action are considered lower quality. That being said, it is all a matter of preference. When choosing your seating location in the Clubhouse, choose lower-level sections if you prefer to experience the heart-pounding action of the horses going by OR choose higher-level sections if you prefer to see across the track and have a better view.

You really can’t go wrong either way!

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Be Cost-Efficient with Grandstand Packages

View of the Seating AreaWant to experience the Kentucky Derby without breaking the bank? Then Grandstand Packages are for you!

If you are facing the track at Churchill Downs, the Grandstands are located on the left-hand side towards the starting gate and Turn 4. These seating locations are more affordable because of their proximity to the finish line. You won’t be able to see exactly how horses finish from this area, so that is why you’re able to get a more affordable package.

But don’t fret! Sitting in the Grandstand gives you all of the amenities of Clubhouse Packages (hospitality access, food and beverage, etc.), and you are still able to see all of the action from every race throughout the day. Also, the new video board at Churchill Downs is right in front of the Grandstands, which will give you confirmation of how all races end and if you won your bet!

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Party Like It’s 2019 with Party Packages

Inside the FilliesAttending the Kentucky Derby is nice, but if you’re the type of person who is in Louisville to party, then these packages are for you!

Yes, each Party Package comes with a ticket to both the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby, but also paired with your ticket is a ticket to either The Taste of Derby, Fillies and Lilies Party or Winner’s Party, to give you the ultimate party atmosphere during Kentucky Derby week.

You’re also given the opportunity to pick your seating location, which could only enhance your party experience with complimentary food and beverage in certain seating areas!

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Attend the 2019 Kentucky Derby Your Way

Regardless of where you’re sitting for the 2019 Kentucky Derby, attending the event is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and going with Derby Experiences is the best way to go to the Derby!

Derby Experiences gives you the opportunity to meet celebrities, attend Official Kentucky Derby parties, and partake in the race festivities as a VIP! Because Derby Experiences is Churchill Down’s Official Partner, you’re not going to find this type of experience anywhere else.

Does this sound like the Kentucky Derby experience you’re looking for? Then don’t wait! Get more information on how Derby Experiences can plan a trip for you and your group to the 2019 Kentucky Derby!

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