The Way-Too-Early Look at 2019 Kentucky Derby Contenders

October 17, 2018 By Evan Chronis

Looking too far ahead in horse racing is a risky proposition. The sport moves incredibly fast and a horse's prime can often be confined to a handful of races. But that doesn't mean we aren't continually looking out for the next Kentucky Derby® champion. 

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Road to the 2019 Kentucky Derby Standings

October 03, 2018 By Evan Chronis

The Road to the 2019 Kentucky Derby® has officially begun. For the next eight months, horses from around the globe will compete for the right to enter the 145th 'Run for the Roses' on May 4. 

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The 10 Slowest Kentucky Derby® Winners

September 14, 2018 By Evan Chronis

Horse racing is always evolving, and there's no better proof than to look at the increase in speed over time at the Kentucky Derby®. Thoroughbred horses have gotten stronger and faster over time, leading to more impressive sprint times as we've moved throughout the years. However, track conditions have also improved drastically over the last century. 

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The Top 10 Fastest Kentucky Derby® Winners

September 07, 2018 By Evan Chronis

Two minutes. 

If a horse can finish the Race for the Roses in that time, they are bound for the record books. Winning the Kentucky Derby® is the most prestigious prize in thoroughbred racing, but finishing the sprint in record time is the cherry on top that separates the collection of winners from the all-time greats.

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The 7 Craziest Facts About the Kentucky Derby®

August 31, 2018 By Evan Chronis

The Race for the Roses is an event drowning in history and prestige, but also in unique facts and statistics. Considering that the Kentucky Derby® boasts an over-century long history, a lot of unpredictable and downright events have taken place at Churchill Downs®. 

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How to Name a Racehorse

August 23, 2018 By Evan Chronis

Our Briantrust, Dream Maker, Chattel, Sir Truebadour and Yes and Yes.

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The Top 7 Winningest Horse Racing Jockeys of All Time

August 14, 2018 By Evan Chronis

Thoroughbred horse racing is a two-man game. While the speediest of steeds are the ones that get their names highlighted in the annals of history, their jockeys are of equal importance when it comes to success on the racing track. 

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What's the Difference Between the Kentucky Oaks® and Kentucky Derby®?

August 08, 2018 By Evan Chronis

As the thoroughbred horse racing season is reaching it's tail end, we're already looking towards the start of next year. While horses compete throughout the calendar year, it's the annual stop at Churchill Downs® in May that typically is the first time the sport catches the eye of the general public. 

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Life After Winning the Triple Crown™

July 17, 2018 By Evan Chronis

Winning the Triple Crown™ is the grandest honor that any horse racing team could hope to accomplish. Jockey, Trainer, Owner and everyone in between sets out at the Kentucky Derby® for their first win, enters the Preakness Stakes with high hopes of a follow-up, and then aims to complete the immaculate treble at the Belmont Stakes. Winning the Triple Crown™ truly is a test of attrition!

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How Much Does it Cost to Go to the Kentucky Derby®?

July 12, 2018 By Evan Chronis

 So you want to go to the 2019 Kentucky Derby® but you don't know how much it will cost and don't want to break the bank? Luckily, both of those things can happen when you choose between any of the Official Ticket Packages for this year's event at Churchill Downs® with Derby Experiences! 

With so many options of packages and various price ranges, we want to make sure you know what experience...

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